3 x 3 is conceived as a cultural dissemination programme, developed together with Extrarradio, which includes elements that are interesting and attractive to groups with functional diversity and/or at risk of social exclusion. The starting point of this project is the MACA’s permanent collections as spaces of expression, which provide tools to activate itineraries of inclusion and paths for social transformation.

We use a working methodology that adapts the contents and ways of approaching communication to the age, cognitive development or physical, psychological, sensory, intellectual or mental characteristics of the participants, promoting personal development and enhancing the different capacities. With the aim of turning the museum into a space oriented to favour social inclusion, promoting education and art as mediating agents to strengthen the quality of life of all people.

In all the visits, these groups will be offered the chance to participate in art and culture and come into contact with it, to have a voice in the first person and to generate significant experiences that stimulate dialogue, reflection, imagination, critical thinking, and the possibility of sharing and participating in the project by making use of all the senses. A project that is always exciting.